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Birth Flower Name Necklace

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Birth Flower Design - Every flower is unique, just like people, everyone is unique and different, full of their own meanings and wonderful stories.
Customized Name - This necklace not only can customize the birth flower, but also can customize your name to make it more unique.
Great Birthday Gift - Finding a perfect gift? Give it to her as a birthday gift! She will be surprised and happy.


Flower Symbolism and Meaning

Snowdrop is one of the birth month flowers of January. It is synonymous with 'hope', as it blooms in early springtime, just before the vernal equinox, and so, is seen as 'heralding' the new spring and new year.

Primrose is one of the birth month flowers of February. In the Victorian era, the primrose means I can’t live without you. Some varieties of primrose are also a symbol of love and passion. For these reasons, you can give the primrose to your special someone on birthday or anniversary to express your heartfelt feelings.

Daffodil is one of the birth month flowers of March. It has a cheerful yellow color, some people use this flower as a reminder that the sun will always shine as long as you have loved ones in your life. Aside from that, daffodils also symbolize new beginnings, and they send a message of joy and happiness when given as a bouquet. In some cultures, daffodils are an emblem of luck and good fortune. However, giving someone a single daffodil is not advisable because it is a sign of misfortune or bad luck. We advise you to add a name and make it fortunate.

Daisy is one of the birth month flowers of April. Daisies are small round flowers, with a yellow center, in general, daisies represent simplicity, positivity, and happiness. As a symbol of cheerfulness, this flower encourages people to have a positive point of view in life and believe that even the most unpleasant situations can turn into something beautiful. It can be an excellent gift to congratulate new mothers.

Lily is one of the highlight of the May Day which can be the perfect May bouquet for a May baby. The lily-of-the-valley remains a classic choice in bridal bouquets due to their association with happiness, purity, sweetness, and chastity. With its simple beauty and elegant charm, it’s a flower symbol that can be given on any occasion, including religious celebrations, festivals, and birthdays. You can also give this flower to your significant other to ask for forgiveness and resolve a misunderstanding. 

Rose is one of the birth month flowers of June. Roses are an all-time favorite because of their timeless beauty and profound meaning. In general, roses can be seen as symbols of eternal love, passion and appreciation. This is why they’re the most popular flower on Valentine’s Day, and are common in bridal bouquets and for gifting to a loved one.

Water Lily is one of the birth month flowers of July. This blossom has several meanings in various cultures. For the ancient Egyptians, the water lily was a symbol of happiness, delight, and new life. In Buddhism, this flower is also known as the lotus, and it is the symbol of enlightenment and purity. Lastly, water lily can also represent peace, hope, innocence, and rebirth.

Poppy is one of the birth month flowers of August. In general, the red poppy is a symbol of deep affection and fidelity. Like the lone flower, a red poppy tattoo is representative of a person who is comfortable alone. This design is common among persons coping with unrequited love. In fact, people in countries like France, Canada, and United Kingdom wear red poppies on Armistice Day to remember the lives that have been lost in World War I and II.

Morning Glory is one of the birth month flowers of September. It is a symbol of affection, it can also signify unrequited love because of its short lifespan. Aside from that, this flower comes in various colors, so it has other meanings. Like the asters, white morning glory symbolizes purity, while red represents passion and a strong heart. The blue variety is a symbol of trust and respect, and the pink-colored flower means thoughtfulness, gentle feelings, and romance.

Marigold is one of the birth month flowers of October. It has golden blossoms that resemble the color of autumn leaves, making it a fitting birth flower for October. Because the marigold is a sturdy flower, it symbolizes determination and stubbornness; however, it also has an uplifting color, which represents creativity, passion, courage, and warmth.

Chrysanthemum is one of the birth month flowers of November. Chrysanthemums are among the most popular flowers around the world. The reason is not only due to its beauty but because this modest blossom also has several meanings, which varies depending on the culture.

Poinsettia is one of the birth month flowers of December. As a symbol of merriment, Poinsettias are an ideal year-round decoration. Apart from being a favorite holiday decoration, poinsettias are sometimes seen as the representation of good wishes, since Joel Poinsett, the ambassador who discovered the plant, initially shared them with his family, friends, and other plant growers. This makes it a perfect gift to give at Christmas.

Leave the name and birth flower to allow us to create it for you. Just get this one-of-kind necklace from us now! We creating this birth flower necklace via 925 sterling silver and 18K gold plated. It is the perfect accessory that will suit your shine or make it feel special. It will be a unique gift that will add meaning to your precious days such as graduations, birthdays, mother's days, wedding events.


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