NAMENECKLACEFLURRY.COM is managed and operated by YONGDING BIJUBEI STORE. We are a young company established in April 2021, committed to bringing personalized name jewelry to anyone who pursues fashion. Personal designs are easy to make by simply choosing a full name, nickname, significant date, text, or special word(happy, lucky, love, etc...) for the inscription engraving on the necklaces, bracelets and other jewelrys. Make it extra special by choosing the font theme and length size that uniquely shows off the personality.

In an era of mass production, we're devoted to providing high quality products, the lowest price, and unforgettable moments for individuals around the world through personalized pieces that speak for themselves.

Remarkable Materials
The remarkable materials that we use on our jewelry include copper, 925 silver, silver plated, 18K rose gold plated and 18K gold plated. High quality 925 silver brings you bright glossy; smooth copper brings perfect performance to the jewelry; 18K gold is inlaid to show your nobility and elegance.

Advanced Craftsmanship
From inspiration brief to collection launch, NAMENECKLACEFLURRY's creative process is uniquely prolific. With a focus on trend, personalized, and meaningful platform, we believe every piece tells a story and embodies exquisite designs. Our attention to detail ensures that each and every piece will always be made of the highest quality. This expertise is infused in every step of the creative process, from initial design sketches through assembly.

Unique Style
We believe jewelry is more than what you see on the surface - it’s an extension of personality and style. We combine innovative design concepts and exquisite craft together, absorb artistic inspiration and emphasize visual aesthetic enjoyments. Each jewel of NAMENECKLACEFLURRY has a unique, personalized, and romantic cultural connotation.
We have launched six theme name necklace collection for you to quickly find your preferred jewelry. Each collection is designed for unlimited self-expression, allowing women to reflect their unique style and express life’s milestones and moments.

Guaranteed Quality
Our brand is dedicated to providing the highest quality and services. As a jewel manufacturer that has been practicing and operating for more than 10 years, exquisite craftsmanship, top-quality raw materials, and innovative design ideas are quality guaranteed.

Whatever you need, it's right here on NAMENECKLACEFLURRY.



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