Can i wear it in the shower or in the pool?


We're going to be talking about something that we get asked about very often. The question is can I wear sterling silver or gold filled jewelry in the shower, in the pool, in hot tub in the ocean?

Our answer is no, we do not recommend you wear sterling silver or 18k gold filled jewelry in the pool, in the shower even if it's a salt water pool, regular pool, a hot tub in the ocean.

And here's why.

Metal will erode over time. Whether that's sterling silver or gold filled or even solid gold, now most people do wear solid gold, white gold, platinum jewelry in the shower, they also might wear this jewelry when they go swimming or in their daily lives. But the problem is, metal erodes over time there's a lot of chemicals that are added to our regular water supply and there's also obviously chemicals added to chlorine and salt pools and those will erode your metal over time.

The other reason we don't recommend that you wear jewelry in a shower for instance especially women is that the earrings especially earrings with a post will tend to loosen over time and the possibility of falling down a drain. So it's an easy way to lose earrings, it's an easy way to get earrings tangled in your hair, especially if you have longer hair, or while you're showering and and scrubbing your skin, there is a possibility to accidentally slip your earring off, it might slip down a drain.

It's okay to wear it every once in a while, but you know another reason to not wear jewelry in the shower and hot tub in a pool is because it's also a good opportunity to just take it off of your skin and let your jewelry breathe once in a while just like you do with clothing, to maintain the luster and the shine of the jewelry.

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